"Z" (real name Zonius Plynth) is a 21 year old Gnome Warrior.

Biography Edit

Zonius, although mostly referred to as "Z", was born in the small Gnomish community of "Gearbox Village". His sister, Azalea, was born four years later. From a small age, Z always caused trouble, but never seemed to get in trouble. In fact, he was usually regarded as a Hero for his quick wit, and overall appeal for the village. He is respectful of everyone, and very rarely loses his head. That doesn't mean, however, that he would back down from a challenge. He is known for keeping his word if he makes a promise, which usually causes him to be taken advantage of, because he has a hard time saying "no".

When "Z" was 10, he picked up a sword for the first time, and actually killed a rabbit for his family's dinner that night. His father, Lazlo, taught him valuable skills with a sword and shield. When he was 13, his sister was diagnosed with "Chronic sevetitis", which is a blood disease that usually results in death. When he was 16, Azalea passed away from her illness and he was heartbroken.

"Z" keeps a picture of his sister in a golden locket around his neck.

Family Edit

  • Azalea Plynth - Sister, 12 years old (deceased)
  • Lazlo Plynth- Father, 56 years old.
  • Vanessa Longley - Cousin, 17 years old.
  • Sorcerer Udon - Uncle, 63 years old.