Leader (The Founder)

5086958.png Enchanted Iris

Iris is the Founder on this wiki. She tries to help everyone as much as she can. You can find her editing all over the wiki, messaging lots of people or in chat. She also makes characters and stories and is the supreme authority and power of the wiki.  Feel free to leave her a message!  She is also the wiki´s Race Consultor.

Vice Founder

25230136.png Berglund

Berglund is a local Administrator, and has been a member of wiki since July 27, 2014. She is a very loving fun person, but don't make her mad.She is also the wiki´s lead editor and page creator. You will normally find her on the forums, editing or in chat. She stands as the vice-founder of the wiki and the main admin after Mystical Jade. You can also find her on Community Central and the Lab Rats Fanon Wiki. She handles from blocks to page protections, so feel free to contact her with any request. And if you need a photo Photoshopped just ask her!  She'll crop or auto fix it in no time.

9725237.png HypercaneTeen

HypercaneTeen, also known as Teen, is a very nice person, and he is an administrator of World's Divided Wiki. He has a lot of user rights experience.

10696822.png Ultimate Dark Carnage
Sir Mercer

Carnage, also known as Mercer, is a very nice person, and he is the administrator of World's Divided Wiki. He is a resident of the United States of America, and the patriot. He is knowledgeable with HTML, wiki-text, and CSS, but he has (very) limited knowledge in JavaScript

25027010.png RoxyTheRaccoon9
Roxy is an Administrator at World's divided. She is mostly online when ever she can. She can help as much as possible. If you need to contact her in anyway possible, tell another staff member here or message her wall. She will get to you as soon as possible!
5025946.png Dodokoce

Dodo is an active Administrator at World´s Divided. He watches Satelite and prefers to use chat to know and talk to users instead of creating drama. You can find him mostly on Chat or in the Forums, always contributing to the good of the wiki.

Chat Moderators


Tessa411 is an active Rollback and Chat Moderator on World´s Divided Wiki. She has been here since September 2014. She enjoys gymnastics and Marvel superheroes. Her favourite shows are Lab Rats and Mighty Med. She does not like drama and bullying and that´s why she´s on chat, to make sure it doesn´t happen!
3323453.png Troy Bowman

Troy is a Chat Moderator at World´s Divided. You can mostly find him on Chat or in the forums. He is cool, calm and chill and does not care much for drama/conflicts but if you have any problem you can rely on him. He enjoys writing and loves superheroes. Come meet him at our chat.