"I died for what I thought was right. Now, I'm stuck in freakin' hell."

- Belladonna

Belladonna is a deadly dominixtrix who's also a demon. She's evil and only sides what will benefit her.

History Edit

Belladonna was a librarian who after discovering that her husband was having an affair with her sister, she snapped and killed them both. This converted her into a deadly Dominitrix. She committed suicide and went to hell.

Notes Edit

  • Competed and lost in the Thrill Kill tournament. She and Mammoth were the only ones to survive it.
  • Her favorite song is Barracuda by Heart. She also loves to listen to classic rock and distorted dubstep.
  • Due to her husband having cheated on her, it takes her longer to trust a man than a woman.
  • Her looks are luring.

When Present Day Bella met Past day Bella Edit

New Bella: Great it is the stupid, old me.

Old Bella: The hell happened to me? I look like a slut!

New Bella: It's gonna happen anyways. My-I mean your- husband is gonna cheat on us to stay with our slutty sister.

Old Bella: Oh my, but still I won't budge.

New Bella: Good, you wouldn't want to be in hell.

Old Bella: BTW why are dressing up like a slut for Halloween?

New Bella: Slut? You look like a fuckin granny!

Old Bella: We're in our late 30s! And how did you get skin like that?

New Bella: I'm immortal. Reward for being in hell.

Old Bella: You know that's stupid?

New Bella: What?

Old Bella: Uuu nvm. Slut you can stay, I'll stay classy.