I am a wolf imp a form of shape shifting demon that said I am not evil I am not out for blood I am just me

About Me Hey all i am the king of wolves, Coada Fang.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

History: he lost his pack (family) to Lucifer and was banned from hell. His mom was a fallen angel and his dad was a demon.

Weapon: Sword and knife

Temperament: Kind to friends and family, But he will kill if someone crosses the line, like killing his pack or hurting his friends. In short he is a wolf at heart loyal, loving, and farce . PD: He has a 2 wings one looks like a bat's but it is white the other is bird like but it is black. he has long black hair and a cut in the shape of an "X" across the bridge of his nose. his eyes are yellow and he looks human with a tail and ears of a wolf.

Spell I know: Hand of Fate: turns all I fight into humans if they are not human animal or phantom

Dead fangs: lets me summon the souls of fallen beasts to aid me

Shelled of the loving wolf: allows me to protect my allies for attack while I fight

Dead in the head but still willing to fight for the ones I love.

Wallpaper 8-3-2014 175930

Fallen King Form (holding Shadows of the Dead and his Loving Tears)

  • Hell Wolf form (my wild side)
  • Phantom Form
  • Fallen angel form
  • Wulf Mounth full moon form
  • Quetzalcoatl form 1
  • Quetzalcoatl form 2
  • Omega form (aka snake form)
  • The Beasts in me
  • wolf punk form

Shadows of the dead and his loving tears is a shadow claymore that has several high level attacks. it also is a soul of a fallen warrior who's name has been lost over time it is 50lb blade can only be held by a soul that is worthy of its power

Attack one: Shattered Shadows. this attack makes the blade shatter into dust and destroy a target form up to 8 miles away.

Attack two: Phantom strike. With one swing of my claymore I can take down 30 trees.

Attack three: Demons Rage. This is the only attack i hate to use in a fight for i have to lose myself to use it. it the if all else fells attack.
WIN 20140916 160116

Shadows of the dead and his loving tears (hand drawn bye me)


Shadows of the Dead and his Loving Tears (again I drew this)