Roku after his last growth spurt
Some attributes
First Age: 18
Second Race: Saiyan
Third Status: Alone and roaming
Other attributes
Fourth Skills: Energy manipulation, super strength and speed as well as martial arts skills.


Roku is a orphaned Saiyan. After his planet blew up, he was sent away as a young 5 year old child and landed on Earth somewhere out in a forest. He suffered a heavy wound from a human hunter and has lost his memory. He is currently roaming around the planet looking for someone to take him in.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Roku is 5'9, which is a normal height for his age. He has messy spiky brown hair with tan skin. He has black eyebrows and wears a black under suit with finger-less gloves and an orange martial arts uniform, along with orange martial arts pants with a black belt. He wears black boots to finish off his outfit. He has a soft, peaceful, kind, and innocent voice.

Roku is joyful, and sometimes ditsy. He always looks for the positives in the situation and tries to make as many friends as he can. He is a martial artist and since he has fighting in his blood. It comes naturally. He has a kind heart to match his kind and innocent voice. He also has the sweetest smile anyone could ask for. He can also be a goof at times

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Roku isn't even a Super Saiyan, so he has a average power level of a normal Saiyan.