Dimensional gate by yayablanc-d4s3w0v
A group of beings all have something in common, they were chosen for something bigger planned, And amongst themselves they will work together to protect the world.

Black Star: A lonely warrior Indebted to the Other world, she had too much pain in her life.To enter this world she had to open a dimensional gate. A few problems will tear her world apart in the future and tap into her sanity and twist it around unleashing a bigger power than any one could handle.

Ramity O'hsera: A being of royalty, bound by the walls she commands her kingdom in. She will lay beside Black Star as She turns into a Insane Other World and she will end Insane black star's life with Mato Kuroi and bring back normal Black Star. She will also serve her kingdom with complete authoritry

Aaron Hawke: (Yet to be written)

North Hail (YTBW)

Atheda Arch: a rebel with a cause,She was set on this mission to show the world what rebel's can do

Hansel:A scoundrel, he's a witch Hunter.His sister Gretel and his friend Kathrine long with Ben and Edward the troll. Are bounty hunters for hire they kill witches.

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